Friday, June 20, 2008

Where do they find the time?

One night I was busy brushing my teeth, going over a client problem in my head, planning preparations for a birthday party for my son, writing a note to remind myself to get new vacuum cleaner bags and fold my laundry while watching a TV special about transsexuals -- and it occurred to me -- one thought only -- went racing through my mind:

Where do these people find the time to do this type of stuff?

I barely have time to get out of bed, put on the coffee, feed the cat, feed the dog, put drops in his eyes, dress and feed the kids, load them into the car, drive them to school, sign them in, chat withi the other parents, get to work, log in to my computer, check my mail, pay my bills, fix my network problem, write that proposal, research and seek out the stock photos I need for that brochure job, write the copy for the Newco micro site, co-ordinate the efforts of a dozen people on that Startup Inc. web site, organize my thoughts and prepare for the meeting to discuss the ad campaign for Widget Co., call my accountant and get the books ready so he can help me with the disposition of capital property issue and finally file my taxes, pick up the kids, drop by the vet to pick up insulin, stop off at the hasty mart to pick up a bag of milk and some light bulbs for the burnt out light in the kitchen, supervise activities while making dinner, feed the kids, change diapers and read stories before collapsing in bed late at night to get some rest, - let alone a new set of sexual organs.

I mean really!! Where do these people find the time for stuff like this?

It seems I always have a list of 45 things to do -- with only time to do 30-- and somehow always wind up knocking off 50 before collapsing very, very late just in time for six hours sleep so I can do it all over again tomorrow.

If someone can just hurry up and invent a day with more hours in it, or a way to have less stuff to do with the hours we have in a day, that would be just great. Until then, I have to rush off, I have a million things to do and I can't believe I just pissed away fifteen minutes to write this.

Still pondering...