Monday, December 14, 2009

Permanent Backups for Snap Happy Parents

I am going to do you a favour here. 

You know how you are always saying to yourself how you have to get around to baking up your photo libraries one of these days? Well, I don't need to remind you how easy it is for your hard drive to crash, or your laptop to be stolen, or your 16GB memory card to suddenly forget everything that was on it.

Don't be that guy. Don't be the Mom who was planning on doing something about photo backups but never did until it was too late. Not when so much is at stake and it is now so easy and so inexpensive to back up. Here is another reason why you are going to be running out of excuses: This one just might be the reason that makes you do it today—and have some peace of mind once and for all. I hope so...

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Name: SnapHaven

Quick Pitch: SnapHaven is an online photo storage site that guarantees the safety and security of members’ precious memories.

Genius Idea: Although digital cameras have made taking and sharing photographs faster and easier than ever, the nature of these photos means that they are susceptible to data corruption, accidental deletion or even worse, the closing of a storage service. SnapHaven is designed to be a place where photographers or photo lovers can safely and permanently back up their memories.

What makes SnapHaven different than other sites? 
The company stores your images in four different data centers  including a military nuclear-proof bunker  and does frequent file integrity checks and backups. They've also partnered with non-profit group the Foundation of Data Performance to ensure that the data and photos remain saved, even if SnapHaven goes out of business.

You can sign up for a free SnapHaven account and upload 100 photos off the bat. You then have the opportunity to use their 10-day Jump Start package. It's $24.99, and will let you upload up to 10,000 photos. The only catch is you have to do that in 10 days. Additional photographs can be backed up in increments of 300 for $8.99. That ends up being about 3 cents a photo. Once you've uploaded your photo, SnapHaven says it's there for life.

Although you can also share and order prints of your photographs from SnapHaven, we don't really see this as a traditional photo-sharing service. Instead, this is your photo backup solution. 

You have been warned. Now do it!