Thursday, February 5, 2009

Heads Up Daddy!

I am embarking on a whole new adventure in the coming months. It is going to be extraordinarily challenging for me in may ways, but I believe that now, more than ever I have a purpose and a cause that is bigger and more important than me. Traditional Family dynamics have been changing over the years— so much so that modern Fathers are increasingly evolving their roles from traditional bread winners to become nurturers, caregivers, primary support workers, cooks, cleaners, shuttlebus drivers, psycho-therapists, guidance counsellors and still, the chief Hunter and Gatherer. To address the myriad of challenges facing the highly engaged and active Dads, I have launched a new project called Heads Up Dad. This new and very exciting Social Media portal is being created to tap into the power of community and help fathers work together to become the best parents, partners, husbands and if failing all that, to become the very best single Dad's and co-parenters we can be.

The site will features user generated content developed by a wide range of people from all walks of life and all corners of the world. Content will include useful tips and advice on everything from health and wellness to global awareness, activities to do with your kids on a rainy day and everything in between. We'll offer expert opinion and critique offered by a unique panel of experts on everything from parenting a newborn to saving for your kids education, navigating the stormy seas of relationships, separation and divorce and more. There are features that allow users to tune in and watch video blogs hosted by parenting experts, contribute and share their own ideas via weblog and share photos, video and other content with family, friends and others within the community. It truly will be one stop venue for everything a modern Dad needs to know about surviving and thriving as a Father and a spouse (or not), raising kids successfully from conception to college and beyond. Heads Up Dad will become the go-to support community for highly engaged and active Dads, wherever they may be. A resource pool of useful tools, interactive content, articles of interest and other illuminating stuff all designed to make the world a better place by helping Dads and "Daddies to be" learn, grow and become the best they can possibly be. This is my new mission.

Stay tuned for more, and do not hesitate to jump in and help out, I am going to need all the help and support I can get.